In a Nutshell

6 11 2009

Welcome to my brand new Bay Area Food blog!  I am a native Haywardian who has just been reborn into the Bay for the first time since leaving for college almost ten long years ago.  And guess what?  I like to eat things.  I also like to babble needlessly online.  Lo and behold – the almighty blog exists to which we can all repent our sins!  Or, in my case, rant about excellent Mexican or terrible Thai.  I am here to fulfill all your local restaurant evaluation needs and work out your sarcasm muscles while doing it.

One tiny catch – I am part of a fancy group of people who call themselves pescetarians, though I try hard not to ever use that word for fear of sounding like a jackass.  But, it’s true, I eat dairy and seafood but no birds or mammals.  Why, you ask?  Well, that is a discussion for another day.  For now, just know that I am an equal opportunity restaurant-goer who just doesn’t order or consume any chickens, cows, piggies, or other walkin’, talkin’ animal.

So, that’s me in a nutshell and chatting about what I’m eating will be a piece of cake, easy as pie, smooth as peaches and cream.   Stop on by for a cup of tea anytime you need some comfort words or a completely unqualified opinion about local Bay Area restaurants.

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7 11 2010
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