16 12 2009

So, what’s all this business with the ratings on every post?  Excellent question, fair reader, not that you asked.  I’ve made the executive decision to add a “rating summary” to the top of each post to give you the low-down on what I thought of my dining experience overall.  They go a bit like this:

Atmosphere is all about the feel of the place. I’m pretty forgiving, so I’m not looking for white table cloths and “yes madam” waiters.  I like clean, I like nice, but most of all I think the atmosphere should match the vibe of the food, the clientele, and the surrounding area.  Run down or wacky can work well in certain places.

Service is relatively self-explanatory.  If the staff is attentive, helpful, friendly, and my order is done correctly (or, like, at least three out of four) then the service is good.  You’ve been to a restaurant, you know what I mean.

Food quality is pretty obvious too – I don’t ask for “traditional” food or fancy displays necessarily, I just want the stuff to leave me wanting more.  Whether it’s a veggie hot dog or a three course salmon dinner, I just want it to be tasty and well made.

Value is a bit trickier, but I think it’s an essential evaluation criteria.  Not just how good is the food/atmosphere/service, but how good is all that with respect to the price.  A restaurant can be excellent with a poor value because it’s simply too expensive for what you get.  Conversely, a place can be very mediocre but have good value because it’s so darn cheap.  This way I can comment on the cost of the place without discussing it directly.

And that’s about it.  High score of 5/5, low of 1/5, and then a couple extra bits of info so that you know where I’m coming from with my comments: how many times I’ve been to the place, and if I would go back again.  That way it gives more or less credibility for places I’ve been to lots or just once, respectively, and you get to know, in a word, if I liked it enough to go back.

So there you go.  Quick summary at the top of every post, then a full-blown review of the place and my experience, photos included!  Thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoy!

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