New York Pizza

17 01 2010
Atmosphere: N/A   ♦   Service: 3/5   ♦   Food Quality: 3/5   ♦   Value: 3/5
Times Visited: One   ♦   Will I Return?: Probably Not

The other night, the boyfriend and I decided to take the advice of an informative and wise mass-mailed flier and try a little known Hayward pizza place called New York Pizza.  They offer reasonably priced pizza and free delivery and so we figured, what the heck.

The flier indicated a phone number for the Hayward location.  Upon calling, they directed us to a different phone number, apparently also in Hayward.  Since this was all over the phone, I can only assume, with the help of Google Maps, that the first call was made to the Tennyson branch, and the second call was to the store at A Street and Foothill.

The A Street store is actually a pizza place operating in the back of Eden’s Liquor and Deli.  That’s right, it’s a pizza joint at the back of a quickie mart.  Well, had I known that, I might have called Hungry Howie’s, but the choice remained.  The only real interaction we had with the facility itself was a phone call with a man who was barely intelligible, and then two subsequent phone calls from the delivery guy asking, basically, for directions.  Which is not ok.  The pizza guy needs to know how to get here, I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is.  If I’m an engineer and I call the architect to ask what equations I use for torsion analysis, then I get fired.  Similarly, pizza man wasn’t quite up to snuff.

But he did get here pretty quickly, and he did offer me a free 2-liter of Pepsi which he said was included, though I knew nothing about it before then.  Anyway, the pizza had arrived, so we ate.

X-Large Pizza from New York Pizza

We got a really big pizza, 18″ in fact, for only about $17, so that was nice.  It came with the little plastic cups of parmesan and chile flakes, which made boyfriend happy.  As for the taste, I would say it was standard, nothing special, free-if-you-come-to-the-ski-club-meeting pizza.  It was fine, but not great.

And if it were free at my ping pong club meeting, I would not complain.  But I don’t think I’ll be calling back either, unless their fliers start advertising specials like “6 free pizzas with purchase of 1!”.  Sorry NYP, you’re not my favorite.

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2 responses

20 01 2010

“As for the taste, I would say it was standard, nothing special, free-if-you-come-to-the-ski-club-meeting pizza.”

Oh mylanta, so well said. Thank you.

12 04 2010
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