California Gyro and Pizza

6 02 2010
Atmosphere: 3/5   ♦   Service: 4/5   ♦   Food Quality: 3/5   ♦   Value: 4/5
Times Visited: Two  ♦   Will I Return?: Yes…(it’s close to where I work)

This seemingly tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant is just near the corner of Mission and Industrial in Hayward, not 200 feet from the Burger King that’s been on the north-west side of that corner for a very long time.  It used to be a plethora of other restaurants that apparently haven’t made it to 2010 for one reason or another.  I surmise that one reason is likely location – it’s just in a bad place.  There aren’t hardly any businesses around (especially since the cherished Holiday Bowl across the street closed its doors a few years ago), and it’s not really a “take a walk around the block” sort of residential area.  Hence there are few folks in that area looking for food that doesn’t have a drive thru.

That’s my feeling anyway, maybe I’m totally wrong.  The fact remains that California Gyro and Pizza has moved in and is hopefully able to hold down the fort.  From the outside, I thought this place was going to be tiny, with very few tables if any at all.  Upon arrival, I found I was wrong.  The place is rather large and could easily accommodate over 50 people sitting, and far more standing (they do birthday parties for kids, say the advertisements at the tables).

Inside California Gyro and Pizza at Mission & Industrial in Hayward.

It’s an order/pick-up at the counter type deal with the menu posted above the cashier.  The man who has greeted us the two times Dad and I have gone was extremely nice and helpful, offering advice and descriptions of their dishes and being generally kind and courteous.  I swear, a helpful owner/employee makes all the difference in the world in a place like this.

The first time we went, I ordered a vegetarian gyro and Dad got a small beef shawarma.  The veggie gyro consists of some sort of mushroom/veggie mush that looks a heck of a lot like meat, but upon closer inspection did not appear to be (thank goodness, that would not be good).  It comes in a gyro bread wrap (like a pita) with tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber sauce, and with two tiny plastic ramekins full of hummus and more cucumber sauce.  For about a dollar more than the sandwich alone, you can get fries and a drink included also.

Veggie gyro meal at California Gyro and Pizza.

The shawarmas are similar to gyros except that instead of a thicker pita wrap, it’s more like a tortilla.  The shawarma comes with meat (I assume you could get veggie too, though I’m not sure if it’s on the menu), grilled onions, lettuce, chopped up tomatoes, pickles, and olives.  Dad thought it was pretty good and didn’t even complain about the extra toppings (he’s not usually one for “things” on his food, just give him the meat and the bun/wrap/tortilla!).  And, the size “small” shawarma was pretty dang filling.  Again, the meal includes fries and a drink too, quite a large meal for a good price.

Beef shawarma meal at California Gyro and Pizza.

The second time around I tried the falafel sandwich which was pretty good, but not nearly as good as the falafel I make at home.  But, what are you going to do – it’s like $6 so I can’t ask for too terribly much.  It was good and the sides of sauces made it stand out.  There were a good number of veggie dishes on the menu, which was both nice and surprising.  In addition to the veggie gyro and falafel sandwich there is also a vegetarian pizza and, if you eat seafood, fish sandwich, fish and chips, and shrimp dishes.  There’s also a greek salad, though I’m not sure how big it is.  It’s not fancy, it’s not fine dining, but it’s better for you than fast food (while still indeed being fast) and it’s a nice lunch for a good price in South Hayward.  I recommend giving it a try if you’re in the area.

Additionally, it’s nice that they try to help you out with Greek pronunciations:

Can you say "yee-ros"?

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7 responses

6 02 2010

That was a great write up. I read the article, thought the pictures were very good – now I have a craving for one of those. I am pretty hungry so, a picture’s all it takes. Then, I went back up the page and looked at your ratings and was surprised. I agree with the atmosphere and value but I thought service was pretty unusually friendly and helpful. He even delivered when I think they usually just put your order up on the counter for you to come and get. I would rate that service a 5/5. And I guess I liked the food quality a bit better than you. I would give it a 4/5. OK, we are working together Monday. Guess where I want to eat lunch…..

7 02 2010

I just don’t think I’ll ever give an “order at the counter” place a 5/5. They made a choice to cut down on staff and money by not offering table service, and that’s fine. But no table service probably won’t ever get a 5 from me because there just isn’t much to rate them on. The get a 4/5 because the service they do offer is very good. And the guy delivered our food the first time, but we picked it up from the counter like everyone else the 2nd time.

As for food quality, I thought it was good and I’d go again. But it really sort of is a glorified fast food place (though, as mentioned, much preferred to actual fast food which I will not eat), so I gave the food an “average” rating. If I did 1/2 stars, I probably would have gone with a 3.5, but I don’t so I had to pick a whole number.

Anyhoo, glad you like it; we can certainly go on Monday.

9 02 2010
Uncle Jeffrey

I remember when there was a little fruit stand on that corner! Of course, that was like 1963 or so…

14 02 2010

I remember that fruit stand. Dad owned that little corner lot (across the street from the Bowl) back then and let the guy, whose name I can’t remember, set up his fruit stand. Dad got him to let me work for him for a couple weeks one summer. The man cut open a cantaloupe and offered it to me. I had never tried cantaloupe before so, I didn’t really want to. But, I did anyway and I loved it. I will probably remember his name as soon as I finish posting this…..

14 02 2011

this place is great..the food has really authentic rich taste..try it and you will love it…

14 02 2011

i just love their food..Mmmmmm

14 02 2011

Haha, glad you like them too, Sara! :)

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