24 05 2010
Atmosphere: 3/5   ♦   Service: 3/5   ♦   Food Quality: 3/5   ♦   Value: 3/5
Times Visited:  A few   ♦   Will I Return?:  Yes, I like it here.

Zorba's HaywardZorba’s is a Greek place that’s been around for a long while. They have two locations: Amador Street in Hayward and wayyyy down Mission Boulevard in Fremont. I’ve been to both but I didn’t have my camera at the Fremont one, so I’ve waited until now to post.  Cool story, I know.

I like Zorba’s*.  I like their Mediterranean food, I like their menu, and I like their facilities.  Or maybe I was just in a good mood the other day, who knows.  Their style is order at the counter and pick up when your number is called — no frills, but clear as day.  The menu is extensive and thorough, yet not so diverse that I fear the freshness of certain items.  They of course do the standard lamb and chicken dishes native to the themed region, but they also have sandwiches, paninis (which are actually also sandwiches), salads, and burgers.

Zorba's front counter

The front counter and menu at Zorba's Hayward


Dedicated Vegetarian menu at Zorba's -- Booya!

During our spur of the moment meal at Zorba’s last week, I ordered off the dedicated vegetarian menu (bonus points!!!) and got a Greek Vegetarian Sandwich which was focaccia bread filled with feta cheese, spinach (raw), kalamata olives, and tomatoes.  One piece the bread was slathered in a sun dried tomato pesto, while the other piece was graced with a generous layer of regular basil pesto (or at least that’s what I deduced).  It was delish, though a bit salty (feta + kalamata olives = sodium overload).

Greek vegetarian sandwich

Greek Vegetarian Sandwich from Zorba's

Boyfriend’s falafel wrap was also a hit – falafel patties with hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber all inside what I call a Greek tortilla.  He liked it, though no falafel can compare to the homemade stuff we create…which will be discussed another time.

Falafel wrap

Falafel wrap from Zorba's before eating...

Falafel wrap

Falafel wrap from Zorba's being eaten...

The criss-cut fries were good in theory, but I submit that whatever oil they deep fry them in added an odd flavor.  I won’t pretend to know the culprit, but I found myself staring at many a french fry through squinted eyes thinking, “There’s something a little wrong with this…”.

Sandwich and fries

Odd tasting criss-cut fries with my vegetarian sandwich at Zorba's

Overall, success!  I like Zorbas.  I like the all-you-can-dip ketchup bar and soda fountain.  I like the semi-cheesy decorations around the place, I like the guy behind the counter, and I don’t mind too terribly much that the place isn’t kept spotless like your grandma’s bathroom.  Zorbas: Greek, good, go there.

Zorba's Hayward

Zorba's Hayward -- the inside

*Despite this statement and all the positive words to follow, I gave Zorba’s rather (or exactly) average ratings.  While nothing is terribly spectacular about any aspect of the place, I did enjoy it here.

Zorba's Deli Cafe on Urbanspoon

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3 responses

29 05 2010

Hmmmmm……….Zorba’s……I had forgotton about that place. Been there many years ago but, now I must try it again. I wonder what makes the funky french fry taste….old overused oil? crappy oil? I hope not. Maybe we will try it today and see……Glad you reminded me of Zorbas. Maybe.

31 01 2011

Sadly, Zorba’s is closed for good. How does that happen to places that have been around for years and years??

31 01 2011

What?!?! Are you talking about the Fremont one or the Hayward one? That’s terrible, that place has been there forever! Thanks for the tip.

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