Claim Jumper

1 07 2010
Atmosphere: 4/5   ♦   Service: 4/5   ♦   Food Quality: 4/5   ♦   Value: 3/5
Times Visited:  One   ♦   Will I Return?:  Sure

Claim Jumper FremontAh, American cuisine.  Gotta love it sometimes, even when it threatens to clog your arteries and send you keeling over into your full rack of ribs.  Claim Jumper is a large chain restaurant, which doesn’t usually qualify for the old B&C treatment.  I thought I’d take the time, however, to just say a few words about CJ, since it’s a bit of a special place.

And by special, I mean ridiculous.  The facility is huge.  The menu is huge.  The portions are huge.  The desserts are…you guessed it…huge.  Claim Jumper really is a mockery of normal sized portions of food.  It’s a guideline for overeating and a tribute to gluttony.  Seriously, this place is almost too much.


Small order of Ribs, baked potato, and veggies from Claim Jumper

Somehow though, CJ manages to raise blood pressure and stretch seams with surprising grace.  The place is decorated as an old west steakhouse; it’s not original but it’s well done.  The menu is enormous but plentiful and certainly smile-inducing.  And the portions, while unnecessarily large, are a good value if you take home half of it for lunch tomorrow or fast for the rest of the week.

Claim Jumper Fremont

The cooking area, fully exposed to the seating area, at Claim Jumper Fremont

Basically, it’s not really my style since the food is generally based on quantity and meat, but it’s surprisingly nice, they have a vegetarian section of the menu, and the food is pretty dang good.  If you’re not into the steak and the ribs and the home-style cooking, I’d say gather your friends and theirs and stop by to share a colossal-sized dessert.  The dessert counter–viewable upon arrival in the lobby–showcases only a few of their meal-sized treats including a variety of cheesecakes, the giant eclair, and the “Chocolate Motherload” 6-layer cake.

Dessert counter

Motherload cake in the dessert counter

They also have 4 flavors of mud pie…mocha was absolutely delicious.

Mud Pie

The "No, seriously, get your spoon away from my pie" Mud Pie at Claim Jumper Fremont.

Claim Jumper on Urbanspoon

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5 responses

4 07 2010
Uncle Jeffrey

Where is this place? I kind of wish you would tell us the location…

12 07 2010

wah….phonebook :D

4 07 2010
Uncle Jeffrey

Wait–Lynnwood, Washington? Or Fremont? Now I’m confused.

6 07 2010

Yeah, I typically at least mention the city if not the street but I guess I forgot for this post. We went to the Fremont one…thought it doesn’t matter terribly much, hence the point of a chain restaurant. Thanks for reading, UJ.

12 07 2010

Ja! ClaimJumpers ist gud! Der fud vas gud, ja! Der service vas gud, ja! Didn’t know I knew German, didja? The food was delish and I want to go back again and try one of their other scrumptious sounding entrees. When I go back, I want to go with at least 3 other people and we can pre-agree to order one of those GIANT eclairs. They look really good but, WAY too big for one person. Especially after a big meal. If I ate one of those by myself, I would probably have the extreme carbohydrate crash and then wake up in the middle of the night to go purge. Definitely a job for about 4 people. Too much good stuff. Literally. Good idea to order something that will make a good leftover. :)

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