Broccoli and Chocolate Turns 1!

7 11 2010

Happy Birthday B&C! Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the beginnings of broccoli and chocolate and I’m excited about it!!*

A Year in Food

Since my second love (next to food, of course) is analyzing data in exciting and pie-chartly ways, I will hereby take this opportunity to tally up some data from the past year. First of all, let’s talk raw numbers. Over the past 365 days, broccoli and chocolate has been home to:

  • 61 blog posts (not including this one, of course)
  • 55 restaurant reviews
  • 348 pictures
  • 1 recipe

For each of the 55 restaurant reviews, a rating system was applied including 5 possible points in each of four categories. Based on this system, each restaurant had the opportunity to achieve a maximum of 20 points and a minimum of 4 points. As a rating of 3 was to be called “average”, the rating for a theoretically “average” restaurant would be 12.

Let’s see how the year went:


From this chart, you will notice that no restaurants were given a perfect 20, nor were any given below a 10. Also, the average rating of 14 (13.95, to be exact) is in fact higher than the theoretical average of 12 which basically means that I’m just too generous a food critic and I like every damn thing that I eat. There could be worse things to be though, right?

Over the past year I have instated a “category” system whereby each review is labeled as to the primary type or ethnicity of food reviewed. For the most part, each restaurant is filtered into a single category. Sometimes, however, the broad range of a restaurant’s menu requires it to be placed in more than one category. For 55 restaurant reviews and 61 posts, there have been 67 category labels applied over the past year. This means that 5 posts were put in 2 categories (or that fewer posts were put in more than 2 categories, but I think I only ever used 2 categories maximum for each post). Here’s the breakdown:

pie chart

Because this pie chart is a jumbled mess of colored slices, I’ll summarize: I reviewed mostly Japanese (10 posts) and Mexican food (10 posts) over the past year, followed next by American food (9 posts) and Pizza (7 posts). This is because Japanese is my total favorite ever and because I live in Hayward where Mexican food is ubiquitous. In total there are 19 categories currently in use.

Lastly, you’ll find that I also catalog the locations of each of the restaurants I review. Over the past year I’ve reviewed restaurants in 13 local cities and have logged locations on 59 of my posts (including “At Home” and “Greater Bay Area”). You can see in the chart below that I’m all about Hayward:

pie chart!

Almost half of my 59 post locations (28) were in Hayward, followed distantly by Castro Valley (7 posts) and Oakland (5 posts). I really had no idea I was so Hayward-centric. Interesting.


Well, the rating system should discern my favorites, but it instead seems to group restaurants into large clumps of general preference. Data is no replacement for human tastes and articulation, unfortunately. If I had to choose, these would be some of my favorites of the past year:

Loard’s Ice Cream – dessert, Castro Valley, Rating of 19
Yanagi – Japanese, Dublin, Rating of 18
Chef’s Experience – Chinese, Hayward, Rating of 17
Genghix – Japanese, Castro Valley, Rating of 17
Astaria – American, San Mateo, Rating of 15

And that goes to show that ratings don’t mean everything. Nor are they necessarily consistent. I’m just a person here, ok, this isn’t an exact science. Anyway, those are some good places — go, eat and be merry!


What are my hopes and dreams for B&C over the next year? Here are a few:

  • Post more recipes and home cooking
  • Continue to post consistently (at least one per week!)
  • Network with other blogs more and exchange links
  • Utilize more interactive items such as polls, questions to readers or contests
  • Try to provide a few follow-up reviews on places already reviewed

Keeping this in mind, I hope you continue to enjoy B&C over the next year and I thank those who join me periodically to read about food and restaurant reviews in the Bay Area!

*Though, clearly not excited enough to post this on the actual anniversary date; please accept my apologies B&C**, I was away all day yesterday.

**Yes, I just apologized to my own blog.

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8 responses

8 11 2010
Denise Sommer

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about food in the Bay Area this last year. What interesting pie chart; so colorful too. I’m impressed with your writing style, content and scholarly research. Angie, your personality shines.

8 11 2010

Aww, thanks Denise! You’re so sweet! Thanks for reading :) See you soon (yeay)!

8 11 2010

Ooo! Can you update us on some of the neato events you’ve attended? I think that might fun…at least I greatly enjoy hearing about these. In any event, I hope to be on more restaurant-reviewing escapades all over the Bay, be wowed by your ability to take nice photos no matter what the conditions are, and keep reading B&C.

8 11 2010

Thanks Alicia!! I do need to update the blog with these fun events I’ve been to…at least the food blogger’s festival which I attended because of this blog. Will post pics!

I look forward to more culinary adventures with you as well, thanks for reading!! :)

21 11 2010

Happy anniversary B & C!! As the great Ralph Sommer would say…”Always a pleasure!” (that was his description of the hamburger on the early restaurant menus at the Bowl).
It is always nice to read what you have to say. You are a good writer, your articles are interesting and informative, you take very good pix and you are just a little cutie! (whoops ~ my daddyo-ness just slipped through on my very objective sentence)
I LOVE the charts! Way cool! Keep up the good work. :)

21 11 2010

I have to mention something I just noticed on your pie charts. They both have some very similar shades of blues, oranges and greens that are impossible to differentiate which one is which. Maybe add some browns, yellows, grays and white to the mix. Just a thought.

21 11 2010

Thanks for the comments, da! I know that the pie charts are confusing…they don’t seem to give you the option to choose your colors in Excel, at least not that I could find. I just think they’re pretty anyway even with all the color difficulties! :)

24 11 2010

ohhhhhhhhhh……I didn’t know it was limited to excel choices. Scratch my previous comment. and, yes…they are pretty!

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