I will make you a website for $100

29 12 2010

To all the restaurants out there that don’t have a website: I WILL MAKE YOU A WEBSITE FOR $100. No, seriously. I’m sick and tired of looking up information for a restaurant (location, proper name, hours, menu) and having Yelp and AllMenus.com and Urbanspoon be my only window into your facility.

I am grateful that you have dedicated all of your resources and money to the process of creating and maintaining your facility and striving to please the customers who patronize it. Really, I am. But the internet is a proverbial untapped mine of customers, an unsailed ship of knowledge, an unused soap box outside the biggest train station in the world for you to preach the goodness of your business. And for some reason you’re not using it?


Because it’s expensive to make a website? Because it’s difficult? Because you don’t have the time or money or effort to deal with it? I beg you, please let me make you one. There are tools and resources now that allow pretty much anyone to make a simple website, no fancy coding or savvy internet knowledge required. Here, see some websites I’ve made. All free. All designed using templates and drag and drop buttons. Easier than the pie you serve every weekday.

  • Website #1: Is for a new bar about to open in Hayward
  • Website #2: Documents a trip to Tasmania
  • Website #3: Showcases my totally awesome writing business
  • Website #4: Is for an engineering firm in San Luis Obispo

Every business should have a website. Even if it’s crappy. Even if it’s bare bones. Even if it cost nearly nothing. If you’re scared of the interwebs, just don’t have the time to figure it out or don’t want to pay someone $1000 to make you a sweet custom site, I will help you. For $100 I will make you a site that functions, looks decent, and has the basic information your customers want. I will show you how to use this website so that you can make changes later. For a little bit extra, I’ll drum up some snazzy words to make you sound as great as your food tastes.

I do this not to solicit business for myself. I have a job. I do this for the good of the community. We need you to have a website so that we can hear from you exactly what you serve, when you serve it and how the heck to get to your restaurant. Please, for the good of the internet and for the sanity of your customers, put up a teeny tiny, mildly informative, barely functional website so that we can all get a minuscule glimpse into your place before we get there.

Thank you.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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2 responses

3 01 2011

Here, here! Your offer sounds perfectly reasonable and appealing, and in this day and age, it is incredible that anyone runs a business without a website!

3 01 2011

I agree (obviously)! Thanks for your comment, Cindy! :)

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