Which Hayward Restaurant Do You Like Most?

9 01 2011

Ok, broc-and-choc-ites, it’s time to weigh in! Considering the list of Hayward restaurants below, which do you like the most? Ok, so they’re not exactly apples to apples… I’ve included Japanese, Italian, Indian and Chinese so it may be that you’d pick a different restaurant depending on your mood at the moment. Well, now’s a moment, choose one!

Please also leave a comment to tell me why you chose what you did, what restaurants I should have added to the list or any other thoughts you have! I now hand the floor over to PollDaddy:

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3 responses

10 01 2011

What? No mention of La Pinata? Or Boun Appetite? Or Everett & Jones BBQ? I am severely disappointed in this survey.

11 01 2011

Wow, harsh critique, uncle. I love Buon Appetito too, maybe should have thrown that in there. Keep in mind there are dozens of great Hayward restaurants and the survey could only be so long…

15 01 2011

Okay, maybe I overstated it. I apologize for taking it so personally. Can you ever forgive me? I’m so ashamed! I don’t deserve to be in the same hemisphere as you! (moves to Timbuktu)
Seriously, none of the above, but if you put a gun to my head, I’d probably say Buffalo Bill’s.

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