B&C Hits Chicago, Discovers Pizza

12 06 2011

Extra, extra, read all about it…

Deep. Dish. Pizza. As a California native, I’ve heard these words before. But until last week, I had never truly tasted them. Cue montage sequence of me packing my bags, flying to Minnesota, enjoying a wedding, then flying to Chicago. When the little airplane follows the arched red line to the dot on the map marked “Chicago”, fade to me enjoying this pizza:

chicago pizza

Chicago deep dish pizza from Giordano's

Literally the first thing we did in Chicago was seek out Giordano’s Pizza in downtown Chicago, at the recommendation of a friend who used to live there. May we forever be in debt to him for leading us to this heavenly pizza. Like ambrosia on our lips, it enlivened us from the fatigue of our travels, it healed us our ails, and it relieved us of our sins, past, present and future. That’s how good the deep dish pizza is. I’m only hardly exaggerating.



The process seems to start with a thick, flaky crust upon which is placed a cheese so wonderful that it does not bear resemblance to other petty cheeses found on pizza in your home town, nor those available at your local grocery. Embedded gently in the cheese is a succulent variety of “toppings” (though they do not “top” the pizza in this case), which are, of course, yours to choose. Upon this is placed another thinner layer of flaky, buttery crust which will itself be fully covered in the most delicate pizza sauce your lips have ever tasted. Some 40 minutes after ordering, an angel will fly down to your table and deliver a heavenly, steaming, overflowing, 20 pounds of food that will satiate you in three bites though you will continue to gorge yourself past that point until your belly bulges in fabulously contented defeat.

And this is the glory that is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

I highly recommend trying it… even if you have to fly for 4 hours to get it*.


Pizza commandment.

*Additionally, if you’re feeling like a true American and want all the delicacies of the world brought soundly to your doorstep, Giordano’s actually offers the ability to order a pizza and have it shipped to your home. At which point you cook the pie and enjoy everything Chicago has to offer in the comfort of your own kitchen, for only about twice the price you’d pay in-store. We have yet to try this, but I think we may have to give it a go, if only to discover how ridiculous we can be. Anybody want to come over for a pizza party?

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6 responses

12 06 2011

I wish we could join you for Chicago deep-dish at home! That would be an experience. I actually felt like this for breakfast this morning after seeing the pictures. Yummo!

15 06 2011

I wish you could too, Grace! Maybe we’ll have to set up the elaborate international mail forwarding situation to get a pizza down to you!! (Kidding…) Glad we got to share the real thing at least. ;)

15 06 2011

I am SO in for a ridiculous Chicago pizza party! :)

15 06 2011

Tami! I miss you! OH! And I have a recipe idea for you that I tried today and want to eat again every day — chocolate brownie bottom, peanut butter rice krispie treat top. SO good! :)

27 06 2011
Uncle Jeffrey

Angie, you really should consider writing a book. Your style is so much fun to read, people would pay, I’m quite sure.

27 06 2011

That is so sweet, uncle! I’d love to write a book… (commence thought-bubble dream sequence)

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