Canvas Print – Sponsored Post

8 09 2011

Not so much sponsored, really, as part of an exchange. This is new to me and I was pretty excited about it.

Brendan from Easy Canvas Prints contacted me a bit ago to see if I wanted a canvas print in exchange for blogging about it. While I love this idea, I typically pass on promos because I don’t often find them relevant to my blog and don’t want to clog up the content with crap no one cares about. But Brendan knew a weakness of mine… I love canvas prints. I also love picture and photos in general. And I love ordering things online. Ok, Brendan, let’s do this.

Because this was being posted on my food blog, I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to order a canvas print of my family, a sunset, or my cat. It’s really only appropriate to order a photo of food to discuss on a food blog. So, I set off perusing my multitudes of photos for one that would turn out well on a canvas.

I was looking for a superior photo, obviously, one with good light, a tantalizing subject, and perhaps some color. A close-up was going to work best since the canvas that Brendan kindly offered was an 8×10. After much deliberation, I chose this photo:

Tuna Sandwich from The Brick House in SF

Yeah, that photo is totally awesome, huh. I know. So, I used their “photo to canvas” website and created my canvas with just a few clicks. I told Brendan that I’d be happy to post about my experience on my site, but that I wasn’t going to pump anything up that wasn’t up to par. He was confident, and I see why. His site is solid, his product is great, and there’s nothing to complain about. I had a great experience (in addition to getting a free canvas print), and I love my sandwich canvas. Here she is:

Sandwich Canvas. I haven't hung it up yet, so I took this photo outside. Which is weird, I realize. But the lighting was good.

And here I am:

Me and Sandwich Canvas.

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One response

10 02 2012

I think this is the first time I have seen a picture of YOU in your blog. My cute girl!!! Now the paparazzi knows what you look like – watch out!

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