Nick’s Crispy Tacos

24 10 2011
Atmosphere: 4/5   ♦   Service: 4/5   ♦   Food Quality: 3/5   ♦   Value:3/5
Times Visited: One  ♦   Will I Return?:  Si, Por Favor!

I’m thinking I should shorten my food reviews. Sometimes I take notes after I go to a place since I don’t review it for a while after. My notes on this place were as follows*:

Russian Hill, corner of Broadway and Polk. Totally radical space looks like a 70’s swinger’s club or something. Red velvet everywhere, round booths in the wall, dozens of crystal chandeliers from the ceiling, large bar. Apparently a club at night. Apparently an attendant in the men’s room who will hold the water faucet on for you. Ladies room normal, no attendant. Taco selection good. We ordered fish, fried fish, and veggie. Get it “Nick’s Style” with guac and a crispy taco. Which apparently means they just fry it up a bit.

Inside Nick's (during the day).

Good food. $4 or so for a taco. Aguas frescas too, and drink specials at the bar. Friendly staff. Tacos tasty but really hard to eat. Taco filled up and falls apart/drips immensely. Can eat with a fork, but that’s a commitment too. Honestly may have had a 2nd taco if I wasn’t so exhausted by the first. Tasty though.


*I realize this is a cop out review, but I found it funny to re-read my old notes. Additionally, it’s new and different, so that’s exciting, right?

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6 responses

25 10 2011

It is enough of a review to make me want to go there!

7 11 2011

Hi Angie!
It was great to meet you this past weekend at the FoodBuzz Festival. I hope you had a great weekend!

19 11 2011

Hi Hayley! It was great to meet you too, thanks for saying hi!

11 11 2011

It was great meeting you at the festival last week. We should some time get together since you are also in the area. I like this post especially because I used to live five minutes aways from nicks. That used to be our go to place for a late night taco.:-)

19 11 2011

Thanks Visda! It was nice to meet you too! I’ve gotta get on that google group that you were talking about…

29 11 2011

I didn’t think it was a cop-out review. It was informative about stuff I care about, right to the point and painted a good picture of the place in my head. I kinda like that format. I would try the place based on your review. Nice job! :)

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