Left Over Mac ‘n Cheese

21 02 2012

…and I don’t mean the good home-made kind. Hear me out.

So I had boxed macaroni and cheese last night. Stop judging me. I realize this is a food blog, but it’s my food blog so keep quiet. Also, it’s actually a restaurant review blog; it’s ten kinds of pathetic up here in my own kitchen. As you probably know. Moving on.

Trader Joe's brand boxed mac 'n cheese with: peas, beans, avocado, parmesan cheese.

I put peas in my mac and cheese. See? Health food. Today I have left over macaroni and cheese and peas. And no microwave*. What’s a gal to do? Make a numbered list, of course:

  1. Saute some green beans in a pan. Don’t be scared, just put a drop of olive oil and some salt in a pan with your beans.
  2. After some amount of time, put in your cold mac ‘n cheese ‘n peas with the beans.
  3. Let everything kick it in the pan. Stir some. Turn that heat up nice and good.
  4. Here’s the key part: the little macs start, like, browning in the pan. It makes them kinda crunchy. It’s amazing.
  5. Everything’s been in there a few minutes. The macs are browning. Everything is smoking hot. Now: sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top. BAM! Like Emeril ‘n shit.
  6. Pour everything in a bowl and lecture your cat not to jump on the stove because sometimes it’s hot. Like now.
  7. Another key step: cut up some avocado and put it on top. Because why not? Avo is good on everything. Everything.
And then you have a weird, bastardized version of crappy boxed mac and cheese that’s way better than actual crappy boxed mac and cheese.

It was kind of amazing, actually. Maybe just compared to things that normally come out of my kitchen, but seriously, the crispy macs were all salty and good, the extra cheese was (and always is) an excellent decision, and the avocado actually confused me into thinking I might actually know something about food.

Which I don’t. But I did like eating left overs this time. Good job, me.

*No microwave partially because this is a new apartment and I haven’t convinced myself to buy one yet, and partially because it will take up all my awesome kitchen counter space if I were to get one. And because I don’t really use one. The jury’s still out.

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5 responses

22 02 2012

1. Microwaves are totally overrated. Truth.
2. I would totally eat the heck out of that mac n cheese right now. For reals.
3. I want a cat that I have to lecture about not climbing on my hot stove that I just used to jazz up leftover macs. Lecturing a human roommate (who happens to be a way better chef than approximately 99% of the population) about a hot stove is just not quite the same.

22 02 2012

I honestly thought it was a dish from a fancy restaurant (given that Mac ‘n Cheese seems to be on every menu these days)! And I noticed it was a combination of food that was perfect for your taste. Now I see why. Good job, Chef Angie! You mentioned….microwave?

1 03 2012

I have never made a mac and cheese this good before in my entire life. Thank you for sharing this with us, I hope I can make one as good as this.

8 03 2012

You have been found out, now you may have to suffer my recipes. Nice work on the mac and cheese. My latest creation is pesto / pork sausage / asparagus / pizza made with Trader Joe’s pizza dough. There are some secrets to the ease of preparation.

8 03 2012

Craig!! Hi!!! How did you find my blog? Your pizza sounds delish! I remember that you’re an avid cook. I hope all is well with you, good to hear from ya! :)

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