7 04 2012

Word to the Sunset district! I never go out here. Ever. I don’t know if I’ve ever even been before going to Beachside. The Sunset was meh, but Beachside is a good draw out of the beating heart of the city.

This was a Brunch Club venture of a few weeks ago, and it was pretty amazing. Although, you know how if you see a movie with a person who loves that movie it kinda rubs off on you and you like it more than you might have otherwise? If you followed that drawn-out analogy, I think Beachside was kinda like that. None of us had ever been, but we were all oooh-ing and ahhh-ing the whole time, so I think there was a bit of a blindly praising feedback loop going on. I digress.

So, let’s start with the finale. Here is everything we ordered in overhead glory:

Overhead meal for four. Cheesy grits. Waffles. Eggs. Tater tots. Pie. Happiness.

It was all pretty amazing, even considering aforementioned feedback loop. Since I have a lot of pictures to showcase, I will try to summarize the experience textually:

  • Super busy, order at the counter, breakfast only (except dinner on Fri/Sat, apparently), table vulture-ing is an art form
  • Dessert case. I don’t think I need say more.
  • Gnarly intense selection of coffee bevs.
  • It’s kinda cheap. Like, for San Francisco. A waffle is $3.75. Fried egg sandwich $5.50. So I took it upon myself to order $20 worth of food for just me. Classic.
  • Tater tots!
  • Winner: Grits. So. Damn. Good. And we ate them too fast for me to take a picture, oops.(See Alicia’s spoon position in photo above.)

And, since we went with the one and only M. Quinn Sweeney, he obviously knew the chef (who, apparently, revamped the menu recently — GOOD JOB SIR) who gave us the VIP treatment. Which meant free pie and cookies. You might imagine that this did not displease me.

VIP Chicken and Waffles

Poached florentine. With tots.

Fried egg sandwich with tomato. (Tots on the side, don't even worry.)

Intermission: Why didn’t I take a picture of those grits? They were so good, I want some right now. Continuing on:

Tater tots

The glory!

Coffee time.

Moon pie!


The chocolate cookie hiding under the chocolate chip cookie was amazing. I’m not a chocolate cookie person; I always think I want one and then I realize it’s just not as good a chocolate chip. Not to me, at least. But there was something pointedly yet unidentifiably* special about this particular chocolate cookie. I even wrapped the last piece of it up in a napkin and put it in my pocket as we left. Like a hobo.

OH — and they make their own cotton candy. I hate cotton candy, and this kind was apple flavored which is like the most disgusting possible flavor, but the kids I was with loved it. Loved.

*F you, spell check, unidentifiably isn’t a word? WTF?

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3 responses

8 04 2012
Mala Bingham (@malabingham)

Sexy apple!

8 04 2012

Is that the flavor of the cotton candy? That’s what we thought the flavor was called, but it was actually something normal? Refresh my memory… Either way, we are ridiculous.

10 04 2012

I really love reading your reviews even though I’m far far away for that great city. I’ve got a killer recipe for green chili grits. My favorite breakfast is fried eggs bacon biscuits and grits.

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