25 04 2012

Ok, I realize that writing about Specialty’s in San Francisco is kinda like writing about a Seven Eleven in a lesser city. That’s an exaggeration. But still, Specialty’s is sort of the San Francisco version of your average bakery and deli. There are a handful of them scattered around downtown, a few elsewhere in the bay area, and a few out of state. But I write about them because I find them to be utterly amazing.

What do you eat for lunch if you live in a regular city? Like Subway or something? Pish posh. I work in San Francisco and I order a Specialty’s sandwich at least once a week. Here is my favorite:

Specialty’s Mediterranean sandwich.

It’s called the Mediterranean. (Try spelling that without spell check. I dare you.) The Mediterranean:¬†Fresh mozzarella with kalamata olives, spinach, tomato, basil, red pepper pesto, basil pesto and balsamic vinaigrette on toasted thyme focaccia. Two types of pesto! Olives! And fine, I’m all snooty about it and I swap out the focaccia for ciabatta. Which is so easy to do with their online ordering system whereby I choose what I want (and sub in/out any ingredients!) and then go pick it up at the store 15 minutes later. It’s amazing.

And so is the sandwich. Soooo yummy. They have a whole plethora of inventive and traditional sandwiches, all made on their fresh baked breads and with their fresh ingredients! Warm sandwiches, cold ones, happy ones, sad ones, whatever. That doesn’t even make sense. Whatever. It’s delicious, their website is amazing, and you should go there.


AND LET’S NOT FORGET THE COOKIES. Which is actually the real reason for most of my Specialty’s trips. (And for this Heard About article of mine.) I go with my work husband at least three times a week, I’d say. Yes, that means my cookie intake is significant. But, as a result, so is my happiness intake. The semi sweet chocolate chunks are amazing. Simply amazing. And since I just re-signed up for email alerts (Yes, they will email you when fresh cookies are ready. This is dangerous but incredible all at once.), I am far too aware of the availability of freshly baked cookies a block away from my office every day from 2-6pm. Must… try… to… resist…

Specialty's Cafe & Bakery on Urbanspoon

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5 responses

25 04 2012

Oh man, it took all my might not to eat here today. And then you had to go and write about it?
They were serving cream of spinach soup…my mouth was watering.
I ate a can of Campbells instead and instantly regretted such nonsense.

25 04 2012

Oh man, RUDE of me!!! Hahaha, yeah, Campbell’s has nothing on Specialty’s. I LOVE it here. And one time, someone fabulous sent me a BOX of cookies. Best day of my life ever. <3 <3 <3 ;-)

25 04 2012

Highly recommend the peanut butter sandwich, if you’ve never tried it.

25 04 2012

I have never tried it!!! I was just looking at it when I was perusing their menu to link to on this post. I’ll have to try it sometime. Have you had the Mediterranean or the Hot Roasted Veggie?? Yummmmm.

P.S. You guys are on it for commenting like five minutes after I posted! :)

25 04 2012

A restaurant as it should be….food, email ordering and notifications! Awesome!

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