3 06 2012

I’ll make this quick since I didn’t take any pictures. But, since all vegetarian sampler platters look the same at Ethiopian restaurants, I’ll just show you a pretty picture of another one I’ve eaten before:

Vegetarian Sampler

Sheba is an Ethiopian restaurant, bar, and piano lounge on Fillmore, just around the corner from the Fillmore concert hall. I love Ethiopian food. There’s not a whole lot of it in the city, so I’ve been slowly but surely seeking it out. I’ve only tried one other place in the Avenues somewhere, and I didn’t love it. This one was better.

They have nightly jazz starting at 8, which I was not interested in, so we arrived at 6.30 and were out before the music started. But, if you’re into jazz, it’s a nice place to enjoy such things. The atmosphere was classy and dim, and the service was pretty good. All of this deviates from the “traditional” Ethiopian hole-in-the-wall places I’ve been to in the past, and they weren’t unwelcome changes.

The food was definitely good. Not the best I’ve had in the Bay Area, but I would certainly go back. It was a bit spicy for me (read: there was someĀ minusculeĀ amount of spice), but the dishes served in the sampler were all my favorites for sure (it was exactly like the picture above, taken at Enssaro in Oakland — perhaps the best Ethiopian I’ve yet had in the Bay). There’s a place rumored to be located in the Haight that is my next target. Me heart some Ethiopian foods.

Sheba Piano Lounge on Urbanspoon

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4 06 2012

OMG! I have tried to find this blog in your list of blogs, but could not! It is a classic! I suggest selecting such blogs and when you get enough, make a book. Might take awhile, but you are such a good writer and sooooo funny!

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