The Plant

21 06 2012

It’s so sad to me when people hear the names of restaurants like Plant and say something like, “Ugh, does that mean there’s nothing good on the menu?” When did plants become bad to eat? Why do meat eaters have to eat meat with every meal ever? I digress (and kinda apologize; you do what you want).

Plant is not a vegetarian restaurant. It is sorta healthy-ish, doesn’t have anything deep fried, and doesn’t have meat other than seafood and poultry. In fact, their website tells me they serve: all organic produce, all free range poultry, and sustainable seafood. Sounds good to me. And yes, they do have many meat-less dishes and some veggie-adventurous items (tempeh, anyone?). And it’s great! I love this place.

Inside The Plant on Pier 3.

This was my first time at their only “restaurant” location (versus a “cafe”) in the city on Pier 3. It’s a small-ish restaurant with a modern, industrial feel (welcome to San Francsico), and outdoor, bayside seating. I went here on that ridiculously beautiful Sunday a couple weeks ago and, unfortunately, had to take an inside bar seat since all the outdoor tables were reserved for dinner. Who woulda guessed?

Their other locations are “cafes” where you order at the counter, and they’re not open for dinner. Um, with the strange exception of  the SFO location, which is open all day. I can only imagine being blessed enough to enjoy Plant Organic at a freaking airport. Especially after having been to the domestic terminal of two Chinese airports, whose food is akin to something the Nazis might devise. Or like something from Arby’s.

Ok, can I tell you my favorite-est favorite thing from Plant yet? Can I, can I?? The veggie burger!!! I love veggie burgers. I’m making it a quest to find the very best one in SF. Herbivore, you dog, you’re very, very good. But Plant, you might be the winner… at least so far. The “Plant Burger”, as they call it, is red. Like beets! Which are apparently a main ingredient. Along with lintels, mushrooms, cashews, and bulgur wheat. And the burger tastes like none of those; it’s just yummy deliciousness. In a fab bun that I’m not sure if they make in house (I asked; the bartender — my server — didn’t know), but it’s really good either way.

The California Plant Burger. Shown lightly braised in all its glory.

The Plant Burger dinner meal deal.

Nom nom nom.

They have a bunch of choices for the burger: California Plant Burger (avo, cheddar), Swiss Mushroom Plant Burger, Wasabi Plant Burger (sauerkraut, wasabi raspberry aioli — uber adventurous), and of course, the plain Plant Burger. For lunch it comes with salad, for dinner it comes with red potatoes and salad. Yum!

Plant also has other good things (salads, sandwiches, noodle bowls, pizzas and all sorts of other creative stuff) for lunch and dinner. And brunch at two locations, apparently. If you’re looking for healthy, tasty, and SF-interesting, head to Plant! And nod your head to me when you bite into your veggie burger and realize it’s awesome.

Plant Cafe on Urbanspoon

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2 responses

22 06 2012
Ali Oia

Holy molasses, this looks so tasty delicious. Nom nom nom indeed@!

22 06 2012

Killin’ me with the Chinese airport food comment! Nazis….Arbys….how do you come up with this stuff? Your mother must have passed on some intense creativity!
If I could actually eat any food……I would LOVE veggie burgers! And the quest for the best would be so fun! Actually, I would likely let you find the best and then follow. :)

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