Eat it, 30.

15 07 2012

Hi, I’m 30. I don’t even think I’m going to go by my name anymore, just refer to me as 30. Since it seems to be important. You turn 29 and people are like, “eh”; you turn 30 and people say the following:

My boss: “How old are you?”  Me: “30”  Boss: “Wow, I thought you were older.”  (Yes, this actually happened.)

Dad: “OMG, you’re 30?!! That must mean that I’m like… 40…”

Sister: “Jesus.”

Birthday Card: “Wow, you’re OLD!”

You get the idea. “What are you doing for your THIRTIETH birthday?! I did a trapeze lesson for mine!” “How do you feel now that you’re 30?” “Dirty thirty!” “Thirty is the new twenty!”

I don’t know how I feel about landmark birthdays.  I guess I don’t much care. I was 29 and 364/365 last week, the only change is a tiny fraction. Hardly worth mentioning, really. Regardless, I took this opportunity to eat good food for about four days. It was my birthday, I do what I want. These were my historic, amazingly memorable, landmark 30th birthday foods of choice:

Day-of Birthday Foods, July 5: Sens for lunch (thanks Jason!), The House for dinner (thanks Lita and Smalls!)

Lunch: Seared tombo tuna from Sens Restaurant

Lunch: Butternut squash manti from Sens (we shared)

Before dinner drinks at Comstock

Dinner: Calamari appetizer at The House

Dinner: Fish, noodles, green beans at The House (shared with Mala)

Dessert: Chocolate cake from The House

Dessert: Coconut creme brulee from The House

Weekend Birthday Foods, July 7: Dinner at Little Star Pizza (thanks friends!)

I didn’t take a picture. This is a picture of Little Star deep dish pizza courtesy of their website, We had two deep dish pizzas and one pesto thin crust. It was wonderful.

Weekend Birthday Foods, July 8: Brunch at Park Tavern (thanks Quinn!), Dinner at Wayfare Tavern (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Brunch: Crispy polenta cakes, poached eggs, wild mushrooms from Park Tavern

Dinner: (appetizer) Deviled eggs with fried shrimp from Wayfare Tavern

Dinner: Mac ‘n cheese from Wayfare Tavern

Dessert: Chocolate cream pie from Wayfare Tavern!

Note that a birthday meal is defined as one that someone else purchases for you as a celebratory gift for your birthday. And for that reason, I suppose birthday meals can really take place any time of year, though they are known to occur on/about the week of one’s actual day of birth. Maybe I should make a wikipedia entry regarding this matter.

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4 responses

15 07 2012
Paula Gogin

Happy birthday Angie! I remember when you were my most favoriate babysitter. :-)


15 07 2012

Awww, thanks Paula!! :)

16 07 2012

Your City sure has yummy and beautiful food!

16 07 2012

That all looks SO amazing! Happy birthday! Having firmly been in my 30’s for 5+ years, I can definitively say that the 30s are awesome. Enjoy. :)

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