Dante’s Weird Fish

27 05 2013

I was looking for a place in the Mission to have dinner before a friend’s bday party. Criteria: not Mexican food, not too expensive, not a huge wait, good food. Somehow, Dante’s managed to hit all these points. Apparently Yelp isn’t just a place for people to complain about trivial things.

Dante’s was great. Apparently it used to be called “Weird Fish”. It closed, and re-opened as “Dante’s Weird Fish”. Per this article, they added the word “Dante’s”, and took some crap off the walls. Otherwise, it’s reportedly the same.

Me 'n Dante.

Me ‘n Dante.

It’s a small place right on Mission at 18th. I have walked by it many times and never noticed it. The inside is cute, the menu is great, and the food is yummy. Actually, look at the menu. It’s funny (see: “condemned to fry”), cute (see: “sand-witches”), and I want to order everything (see: everything).

Two things:

  1. They have vegan options. Seitan or tofu “fish” ‘n chips, fried seitan sandwich, seitan or vegan chorizo tacos. So awesome.
  2. They have white wine sangria. Pretty much one of my favorite things ever.
"The Catch" with slaw, dips, all over regular and sweet potato fries

“The Catch” with slaw, dips, all over regular and sweet potato fries

White wine sangria -- yum!

White wine sangria — yum!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my lady friend and I were both in the mood for OG fish ‘n chips, so we ordered the same thing. Two pieces of fried fish, home made potato and sweet potato fries, and home made dips. With sangria, of course. It was fab. And totally filling, as you might expect. Now I just need to go back to try the rest of the stuff on the menu.

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2 responses

27 05 2013
Rob Moses

Cute first pic. Cool looking little spot :)

28 05 2013
Ali O

Um, vegan fish and chips?!?! I must attend this soiree at once.

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