Burma Superstar

4 06 2013

Ok. Everyone has already said everything there is to say about Burma Superstar. The blogosphere is chock-full of immense praise and a billion photos and detailed descriptions of everything about BS. Although people probably don’t commonly call it BS. Regardless, I’ll keep this short.

Burma Superstar is a Burmese restaurant in the Richmond. They do not take reservations. The decor is not particularly intriguing. But somehow it’s still posh as shit.

You will wait not less than 45 minutes to eat at Burma Superstar. They will tell you the wait is 1.5 hours, however, which we agreed that we appreciate (rather than underestimating the time). You will give them your phone number and wait with your friends at a bar a block away.

Tea Leaf Salad up close and personal

Tea Leaf Salad up close and personal

At some point they were featured on the Food Network. Their Tea Leaf Salad was specifically featured. I thought that sounded disgusting when I first heard about it. It is not. It is amazing. That’s why it was on the Food Network. Those people are not stupid.

I guess it has 26,000 ingredients and the tea leaves are from Burma. Whatever. It’s delicious. Order it. Here’s another not-that-great picture:

Tea Leaf Salad all Mixed Up

Tea Leaf Salad all mixed up

Everything I’ve ever had is amazing. Try the coconut rice. They made rice amazing somehow. Try whatever. It’s great, I’m pretty sure. And the servers are nice. And one table has a huge lazy susan. And you can order to go and just pick it up if you don’t want to wait so long. And it’s not heinously expensive. Here are more foods I ate last weekend. I recommend you go there, but at a time when I do not want to go there, lest you increase my wait time. BS makes me greedy.

Pumpkin shrimp

Pumpkin shrimp

Dry fried string beans

Dried fried string beans

Those other things and coconut rice. Oh lord, so good.

Those other things and coconut rice. Oh lord, so good.

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