Wine Kitchen

9 06 2013

This is going to be a weird post.

Basically, these food photos turned out relatively amazing. So this place looks amazing. And the food was really good, but the decor and general ambiance of Wine Kitchen irked me in a weird way. And since I was with my architect friend, she easily told me Eight Things that Wine Kitchen Could Do to Improve Their Vibe. And, while I would not have noticed them myself, she was right.

But first, food:

Behold: Fried gnocchi

Behold: Fried gnocchi

We sat right next to the window; the light was great. These pictures are with my shitty Android phone. Yeah, everybody, Android. Decent pictures. It can happen.

Anyway, the menu was all nibbles, but was very creative. We ordered almost everything that didn’t include animals that have legs. All the dishes were about $12, except a few smaller nibbles (like the corn tempura) that were around $4. It was all really good.

Corn Tempura

Corn Tempura

Scallops a la Plancha

Scallops a la Plancha

Scallops a la Plancha

Scallops a la Plancha

Cheese Plate! Aged gouda in the middle was amazing.

Cheese Plate! Aged gouda in the middle was amazing.

Big Eye Tuna Crudo

Big Eye Tuna Crudo with quinoa

So back to the Big Eight… I’ll just do a list, like I like to do. Here are some unsolicited thoughts on how to make WK a bit more chic:


  1. The font. Not nearly chic enough. The bottle opener thing is superfluous. I hesitate to criticize this, since I know how hard it is to choose a logo. But still.
  2. The orange-ish paint on those first walls (pictured) is not ok.
  3. The wood wine holder wall displays are no good. Do something architectural with the wine display or get it out of there.
  4. The weird weed/plant decoration on the north wall (not pictured).
  5. The art on the south walls in the main space (also not pictured, and I didn’t even see it, but Architect said so).
  6. Table top color — dark red no good. Too dark. Lighter would be more inviting.
  7. Chairs — too traditional, go with something more modern. Though they were sturdy, which I appreciated.
  8. Get rid of the TV at the bar. I, personally, could take or leave this one. But, again, Architect has spoken.

So there you go, those are some thoughts on possible decor improvements.

Oh yeah, we drank this bubbly, and it was very nice. It is called wine kitchen, after all. End scene.



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13 06 2013

Food does look good..

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