23 06 2013

Kokkari is a Greek restaurant downtown (fine, Jackson Square if you want to be super pretentious/specific). It’s hard to get into, which is why I have not been to date. Not, like, State Bird Provisions hard, but just like regular, really good SF hard. However, lunch is not quite as in demand. And our boss took us there last week. Booya.

Octopus Salad from Kokkari

Octopus Salad from Kokkari

Everything I tasted was really good. Not just “your boss is paying for it so it tastes better” good, but the food was actually very flavorful, well-cooked, and well-presented. The menu is Greek but is more creative than a standard Greek place offering some nice fish dishes, a couple good vegetarian dishes, and a great variety of appetizers. Unfortunately, since it was a work lunch, I wasn’t able to take too many pictures lest I look like a total freak.

Artichoke Souvlaki from Kokkari

Artichoke Souvlaki from Kokkari

I had the artichoke souvlaki (grilled artichokes & eggplant skewered with peppers & onions with yogurt & pita – $15), pictured above, which was delicious. And they un-skewered the veggies to prevent me from flinging foods all over my co-workers, which I appreciated. The co-worker directly adjacent to me had the octopus salad which I did not try but looked really yummy.

We also shared a variety of appetizers (which is always awkward with ten hungry engineers and tiny plates of food to share) which ranged from good to extremely good. I recall the wood oven roasted prawns arriving in a very well-crafted savory sauce, and the zucchini cakes and accompanying yogurt-based sauce being amazing.

And, for lunch at least, the prices are really reasonable. Dinner is a bit pricier, but has an even more extensive list of reasonably priced appetizers. Me likey. Me go backey.

Kokkari Estiatorio on Urbanspoon

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