Nothing Bundt Cakes

3 08 2013

Nothing Bundt Cakes stopped by my office a few weeks ago and gave us a free cake. A FREE CAKE. Let me tell you the tale.

A woman walked in with a cake in a box. She explained that someone on our floor had ordered some cakes. They had made one extra to give to someone else to try their cake. We were the randomly chosen winner of said cake. FREE CAKE.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the actual cake we received. But these beautiful cake photos are from their website I assume they don't mind me using them.

I didn’t manage to take a picture of the actual cake we received. But these beautiful cake photos are from their website I assume they don’t mind me using them.

I’m often not a huge cake fan. Let me qualify this — my appreciation for cake has a high degree of variability to suit the vast differences found between different types of cakes. There are different flavors, types, consistencies, amounts of sweetness, and — most importantly — different frostings. I could list a huge variety of cakes I don’t much like. And bundt, in my limited experience, has never impressed me. So, while FREE CAKE is an exciting prospect, I was not expecting much. But, obv, I tried the cake anyway. I’m not a fool.

And I’m thankful for that. It was SO GOOD. Amazing cake. They gave us, I believe, their white chocolate raspberry, which was amazingly moist, sweet, and flavorful. But none of that really matters because of the frosting. THE FROSTING. I’m a frosting snob. I’ll admit it. I turn up my nose at whipped cream frosting. Whipped cream? Come on. That’s topping on a sundae. I want real frosting. Buttery, sugary, cream-cheesy goodness that’s so sweet it makes your head want to pop. My head was popping. This was the best frosting.

cake slice

And they put so much of it! I’m usually either like, “Wow, that frosting is totally sub-par”, and if the frosting manages to meet my stringent requirements I’m usually like, “Yeah, they could have put more of that”. But no. Nothing Bundt Cakes can frost a cake. It was amazingly delicious. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t tainted by the fact that it was indeed free cake. Maybe the first slice was… but the second and third were just as amazing. Yeah, I couldn’t stop going back for more.

I did totally call a co-worker after going home that day and frantically insist that he put the cake in the refrigerator since I had forgotten to do so upon my departure. Save the cake!!! I want to eat it tomorrow!! It was gone before noon the next day. Imagine the self-control I had to dispense to make it last that long. Also, they have this photo on their website, which increases their awesome factor:

Alice "Bundt" Cooper. He makes cake bad-ass.

Alice “Bundt” Cooper. He makes cake bad-ass.


  1. Free cake is the best.
  2. Nothing Bundt Cakes makes amazing cakes, and even more amazing frosting. And they are obviously benevolent and loving people who sometimes give away free cakes.
  3. Puns are awesome; their business name passes snuff as well.

So. Buy a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and tell me what you think. The one that arrived in our office was from their Corte Madera (Marin) location, but apparently they are a nationwide franchise with a handful of locations scattered around the Bay Area. Go, eat cake, and be merry!!

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5 responses

4 08 2013
Diane Williams

In my experience, bunt cakes have come with NO frosting, which was absurd! I never liked them as a result. I agree that frosting is extremely important, so I am glad that this company has seen the light!

5 08 2013
Mala Bingham (@malabingham)

There’s a hole in this cake.

12 08 2013

I laugh every time I read this.

11 08 2013

I’m on the complete opposite side of the frosting spectrum – I *love* whipped, less sweet frosting. You and I could make a perfect frosting duo – I’d take your cast-offs and vice versa. Let no cake go wasted!

12 08 2013

No cake left behind!!! Love that idea, Jen! :P

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