Little Vine

25 11 2013

In North Beach we have all kinds of shops and restaurants in which you can peruse, nosh, imbibe, and otherwise enjoy yourself. Little Vine is a little gem of a shop on Grant between Union and Filbert that sells wine, cheese, and other specialty foods. It’s not a restaurant, except that it does serve a daily sandwich (on Acme bread, which they also sell!), but I liked it so much, I wanted to blog about it anyway.



The whole shop is the size of my (teeny tiny) apartment, but it’s packed full of unique and gourmet foodstuffs, all labeled with cute, custom price tags that they make. The store is beautiful, the offerings look delicious, and now I know a place that sells Acme bread near my house. Yeay!




I can’t wait to stock up for a nice picnic when it gets warmer again, and I hope to hit up one of their Thursday wine tastings as well… everything about this place is just so adorable.


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3 responses

1 12 2013
Melissa from Little Vine

Thanks for coming to our shop! The pics are beautiful!

1 12 2013

Aw, thanks Melissa! I didn’t have my nice camera with me, but still couldn’t resist capturing your cute store on my cell phone. Your place is the best!

1 12 2013
Melissa from Little Vine

Amazing photos for a phone! Thanks for your kind words. Hope to see you for one of our tastings soon!

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