New Restaurant and Gift Card Giveaway: Veggie Grill

29 05 2014

Veggie Grill is heating up the West Coast as it expands out of So-Cal and into 24 locations in Cali, Oregon, and Washington. The newest location is right here in Mountain View, and I have to say that I’m looking forward to trying it. If you are too, add a comment below with your email address, or send me an email at, and I’ll send you a gift certificate for one free entree*!

Bombay Bowl $8.45 Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

Bombay Bowl $8.45
Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

The concept is simple: craveable food that’s all plant-based and good for ya to boot. Yep, even though “chickin” is on their menu, there’s not an ounce of meat, dairy, eggs, or cholesterol in the whole lot. And with a pretty big selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and some pretty tempting sides (hello quinoa mac and cheese), it looks like they’re doing a good job of making fast-casual food not totally suck.

Harvest Bowl $8.95 Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

Harvest Bowl $8.95
Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' Sandwich Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich
Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

All Hail Kale $8.95 Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

All Hail Kale $8.95
Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

Also, to be perfectly honest, I just love a menu where I can eat every single thing on it. I try very hard never to complain about being a pescatarian (because I do it by choice, obviously), but sometimes it’s so nice to take my guard down and choose my lunch pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey style. Three cheers for healthier, affordable, meat-free, tasty options!

As mentioned, I have not actually been to Veggie Grill yet to try some of these tasty-sounding meals, but was compelled to write about them anyway because I like the concept and the menu. If you’ve been to Veggie Grill, tell me what you think (good or bad)! I’m curious. :)

Veggie Grill: 565 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, CA 90404. 650-559-1535.

veggie grill

Photo Courtesy of veggie grill

*They only gave me five gift cards, peeps, so contact me quick-like before they’re gone. Update: they are indeed gone. :)

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15 responses

29 05 2014

I’m visiting Seattle soon and I plan on visiting the one there!! I’m so excited!!! sarahcttr at gmail!

13 07 2014

Hope you got your gift card and enjoyed your trip! :)

30 05 2014

The food looks amazing! I’d go there if I were ever in that area, but sadly…I’m not.

30 05 2014

I’d like to give it a try!

13 07 2014

Thanks Kristen, hope you enjoyed your gift card!

1 06 2014

aw i love veggie grill, wish i would have seen this earlier

1 06 2014

I still have a couple gift cards left if you’re interested!

16 06 2014
Flirty Foodie

Hi Sarah, I would love to try this restaurant the next time I’m on the west coast. Especially if there is a free gift card involved… ;-)

13 07 2014

Hi Flirty Foodie — sending you an email right now!

7 07 2014
Lauren Shaber

I’m also a Bay Area blogger and love this new Veggie Grill. If you haven’t yet, definitely try it out. I’m not a salad person at all but I love the Quinoa Power Salad. I’m actually going tonight to try out some new dishes. I’m sure they’ll all be delicious! Great post by the way :)

~ Lauren

13 07 2014

Thanks Lauren, much appreciated!! I love quinoa (and salads in general)… I bet that salad is amazing.

21 07 2014

Love to try this out? Heading over to sfo this weekend!

22 07 2014

Great, email me your address!

17 09 2014

Hey!! I was browsing your blog and saw this! I’m going to be in mountain view with a friend for her bday this sunday. Do you still have a gift card?

17 09 2014

Yes, I have one left! Email me your address!!

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