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My name is Angie.  I am not a professional food critic.  I’m not a chef, a connoisseur, or an expert of any sort.  My only qualifications are that I like to eat and I like to type.  This is a Bay Area food blog for the masses.  It’s not formal, it’s not professional, and it’s not even always fair (though I certainly try to be).  This is a log of me patronizing different local restaurants and telling the internet what I think about them.

If you are affiliated with a restaurant that I have reviewed, please feel free to comment, email me, or link to the post (assuming it’s good).  And, if you don’t like what I’ve said, I’m sorry, but it’s just my opinion and I’m fairly sure that I’m still allowed to put those on the internet, right?  They haven’t taken that away yet?

Thank you for visiting, I hope that you can find some assistance or at least amusement from my efforts.  Happy eating!

The Name: Why Broccoli and Chocolate

I wanted to create a food blog where I mostly review restaurants and talk about food, but also where I can be funny and rant about random food-related things. I wanted a clever name, something that was catchy but not common, and perhaps something that would make the reader say, “what?”. I was throwing together different items of food and wanted chocolate to be one of them, because, frankly, chocolate should be one of everything in my life.

Veggies and chocolate don’t really go together, so I started going through veggie names and came across one of my favorites – broccoli. I like the way those two words sound together, the “oc” noise that they each have – something in common between two otherwise completely opposite things. A poor (wo)man’s alliteration, I like to say. And hence, Broccoli and Chocolate was born, a food blog and restaurant review site that’s a little wacky but a lot of fun and, hopefully, always a laugh.

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16 07 2010

Hello Angie,

I am very happy to see reviews about restaurants in your blog. we have opened a new Indian Restaurant in Newark, CA called Mumbai Chowk. Here is little details about it. Hereby I would like to request you to kindly visit our restaurant and write review. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Mumbai Chowk
35144 Newark Blvd,
Newark CA – 94560
TEL- 510-608 4762
FAX- 510-608 4764
Tues-Sun Hours- 11 am – 10 pm
Monday – Closed
email: mumbai.chowk@gmail.com

18 07 2010

Hi Karthik,

Thanks so much for finding my blog and telling me about your new place! I love Indian food and would be happy to head over your way next time I’m able. I’ll send you an email when I post about you guys so you can see what I thought. Thanks again for saying hi. :)


1 02 2011
Lisa Ciccoli

Hi Angie,

We’d love to have you review our food here at IKEA in Emeryville. We have a wonderful selection of Swedish foods like Swedish meatballs and our open face shrimp sandwich as well as American favorites like BBQ ribs. Our entrees run between $4 & $8 and you can get your meal in about 10 minutes.

Please let me know if like to stop by we’d love to have you.

1 02 2011

That’s so sweet, Lisa, thanks for the note! I’ve been to Ikea but I’ve never eaten the food. Do you guys offer anything vegetarian?

3 10 2011

Hi Angie! I’m excited to see what you have to say about Hayward restaurants. My bf and his family live there, so I’m looking forward to reading about which restaurants you thought were “worthy.”

3 10 2011

Thanks Jen!! I hope you enjoy! :)

7 12 2011

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Here’s more info:


10 12 2011

Thanks, you’re so sweet!! :)

12 12 2012
Bev Picardo

Hi Angie,

It would be wonderful if you could write about the recent launch of King Knish, San Francisco’s only small batch food producer dedicated to making the Eastern European dumpling with a soft, flaky dough filled with meat and vegetables.

Chef and owner Ramni Levy launched King Knish earlier this Fall, and specializes in creating the “old world dish with a new world twist.” He not only bakes his knish daily and uses organic ingredients for a healthy alternative, but he also uses his creative culinary flair to make non-traditional creations, like White Chocolate Dipped Curried Beef Knish with Poppy Seeds sampled at the New Taste Marketplace, Pastrami Knish debuted at the La Cocina Holiday Gift Bazaar, or Wasabi and Potato Knish with Crystallized Ginger. King Knish also has unique gluten-free recipes (virtually unheard of in knish-dom), and will even develop custom knish upon client request.

I could send a press release, if that would be helpful, and would be more than happy to arrange a knish delivery next week. Chef Levy would love to have King Knish featured on Broccoli and Chocolate, and welcomes the opportunity to tell you more about his inspiration for the company, new products and projects (King Knish’s Indiegogo campaign ends on February 25th), and his future plans to open a food pod in San Francisco. Please let me know what dates you are available to speak with him, and I will coordinate a time that works well for you both. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy holidays,

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