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24 02 2014
Honestly Fitness

Hi there, I am glad I found your blog!

I am based in SF and am always on the lookout for new food spots. I have a few questions for you: In your opinion, what restaurant/cafe does the best eggs benedict? And do you have any recommendations for good healthy spots (i.e. salads, smoothies and etc)?

Thanks and looking forward to reading your posts! xx

16 03 2014

Hi Honestly Fitness!! Thanks for the message and the great questions! Ok, I LOVE eggs benedict; it’s one of my go-to brunch/breakfast favorites. I don’t eat ham, so I’m usually ordering a modified version with either smoked salmon, crab, or veggies. In my opinion, I’d say either Zazie (Cole Valley) or Plow (Potrero Hill) makes the best eggs benedict, though Boogaloos (Mission) is definitely up to par as well. As for healthy spots, The Plant Organic has great salads, sandwiches, and smoothies and has a pretty huge menu and a few different locations. I also really like the food from the vegan Vietnamese chain, Loving Hut. The ambiance in the restaurants is pretty plain, but there are lots of healthy options and it’s pretty good food. I hope that helps!

19 03 2014
Honestly Fitness

Thank you for your reply!! I will definitely make sure to go to one of those places. It is a shame they don’t take reservations, will have to get there early haha.
I have tried the Loving Hut before, but never The Plant Organic so I will try that too.
Thanks for your help :)

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